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I am the successor trustee and sole beneficiary for a revocable living trust that was my stepfathers. My stepfather passed away on 5/3/16. Of issue is his home, which was titled in the trust through a quit claim deed. The house has a mortgage on it through Chase. I want to transfer the house to my name, but I'm nervous because of the mortgage. I'm also unclear if Chase will try to get me to qualify for the mortgage in order to assume it, and I'm not even sure if I need to put the mortgage in my name or just leave it in my stepdads name and keep paying it? Right now it's being paid through a bank account that the trust has. My goal is to put the deed to the house in my name and keep paying the mortgage on autopay. Please let me know if you see any issues or have any suggestions (or questions first). Thank you!


Banks use tax-service agencies whose job is to inform the bank whenever there is a change in title on a property securing their loan. Since we know that Chase will be notified about the change once you transfer the property from the trust to yourself, the question then is how long it will take it to act on it. Once Chase acts on the information, it will ask you to either refinance the loan (through Chase or any other bank) within 90 days, or else apply for an assumption. One ray of hope: when your last name is the same as your stepfather's, there is a small probability that nothing would happen.

I like your idea of continuing an auto-pay through the trust, with one modification: each month write a check to the trust for the mortgage amount, and then have the trust pay the mortgage via the auto-pay. The reason is that should the bank demand sometime in the future that you apply to assume the mortgage in your name, the fact that you can document the fact that you have been making the loan payments for the past X number of months (preferably over 12) would be a strong point in your favor.

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