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HELP! I recently moved 10/01 to the Sacramento area in CA area and less than a month and a half of me being here, with a year lease might I add, I'm being told that the house is up for sale! Now that I've been put in this inconvenient and stressful situation, the harrassing owner is now posting 24 hour notices on my home advising me of the dates and times prospective buyers will be coming into my home. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought as Tenants, we have the right to not allow real estate agents, prospective buyers etc into our current rental home without our permission? I advised the owner 24 hours prior to the appointment time that the time would be need to be adjusted because I already had prior plans to receiving the notice. Now, I have family over my home from out of town, I would rather the home be shown After my family leaves verses early in the morning when everyone is getting up. I proposed to put back the appointment time just 1 hour, but the response I got back was, " so you are not going to show the property even thought I gave you 24 hour notice, is this correct?" Now to me, it seems as if he's not quite listening to what I'm advising him. I feel stressed and feel as if the owner is pushing way too hard and isn't being considerate to what this situation is doing to me, especially since I wasn't made aware of the home possibly being put on the market prior to me moving in. The Property Management Company says he wasn't aware of that prior to me moving in but it's hard to believe since I just found out they are father and son!  Shouldn't there be communication to me direcly confirming a good time that house can be shown instead of just posting a notice and basically saying "too bad"? I more concerned that since I work from home, and the busiest season for my company, I absolutely cannot be disturbed during those times. I would like an agreement for the home to be shown after my work hours and on the weekends if I'm available. Isn't that the fair thing to do, especially since I'm giving up some my right to quiet enjoyment of the house? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Hi Rebecca,

Normally, the landlord may enter the unit whether you are there or not, so long as the entry is for a reasonable purpose and so long as it is during normal business hours and after providing proper notice.  You may be able to stay for the duration of your 1 year lease.  You'll need to look at the rental agreement.  The new owner MAY have to honor your lease.

Thanks for your question!

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