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Hi David,

We've been renting a single family home for a few months now in North Carolina. Last month the heater went out and we had to use plug in heaters for a couple of days until they came out to look at it. Then we had to use the emergency heat setting while parts were ordered. It was fixed a week later. Last months electric bill was 400 dollars more than the previous month because of this. The temperature range has been the same or a little warmer last month than the month before.

Is the landlord under any legal obligation to pay for the increase? What would you suggest?

Another issue below I was wondering if you had an idea on:

William E Wood & Associates is the property manager. The vinyl floors in the bathroom look to have large areas of mold underneath and my wife is pregnant so I asked them if they could replace it. They've sent two different people out to measure it. It's been 3 months since the first guy came out to measure it so I contacted the property manager again and she said that she's been unable to get in contact with the owner for several months.

Thanks so much for your help and time,


Hi Joe,

Please refer to my blog articles that discuss similar topics. While they apply to California, similar laws may be applicable in Florida (but they would be covered by Florida laws, not California laws). You may want to contact a Florida attorney.

1. What Conditions are Covered by the Warranty of Habitability in California?

2. “Repair and Deduct” Remedy for California Tenants.

In addition, you can research North Carolina landlord and tenant law here:

Thanks for your question.

David Piotrowski
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