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We have a situation of where a past board member (the President of our Coop at that time) potentially breached his fiduciary duty of refraining from self-dealing to his benefit. He requested (and obtained) a work permit for installing a deck in the roof (he has the right of use). He did not even mention this fact to the rest of the Board or shareholders, we found out what he did almost two years later. Also, when filling the forms, he put as "second reporting officer" his partner, who was not a Board member at the time. One last thing: he requested the work permit to install the roof deck six years after the deck was actually installed...
We want to know what is the "legal term" that would define this kind of action/situation and we would like to see what, if any, remedies exist for this potential breach. Thank you so much for your help!

Hi Cristina,

If everything you say is true, then it is certainly a breach of fiduciary duties to the board, plain and simple.  Unfortunately, some of the information like when the deck was built, may still be considered alleged, unless of course you have irrefutable evidence of that as well. You should understand that people will often get on boards to do just this: abuse their power to benefit themselves.  It's not so much self dealing, but it is a violation.  

Usually these things are resolved within the coop and are governed by the laws of the cooperative.  There should be some form of punishment written.  I don't think there would be much of a case to bring to an actual court on this one.  

See what your coop laws say.  Hopefully, you have some kind of recourse here.  

Hope this helps

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