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Laffey Homes wrote at 2013-10-07 12:17:47
Rental owners may refuse to renew contracts on their tenants after it expires. However they need to inform or give at least a 30-day notice for non-renewal of leases to their tenants. Non-renewal of contracts shouldn't be for discriminatory reasons or to serve as retaliating act to tenants who grumbles a lot. Better to engage the services of a lawyer who can help you better understand your rights as a rental property owner.

Real Estate: New York

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I am a Real Estate Broker. I own my own properties, and I build many 3 family homes. I can answer all aspects of purchasing/selling/researching on real estate in NY. I specialize in 2/3 families in NYC (5 boroughs). I can also help you through the process. BROOKLYN, MANHATTAN, BRONX, QUEENS’s properties in which you can build equity and your rental income pays for your mortgage is a very good idea. Most properties I sell/build are in this category. Hope I can be of help.


I have been in this field for 8 years now. New Construction, and finding investment properties are 2 of my specialties.

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