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Hello, I have a tenant whose lease is about to expire in a few months. They have been late on payments and have caused difficulties. Once their lease expires, can we choose not to re-new it and give them 30 days to vacate? Is there more that I need to do?

Hi Angie:

Thanks for your question. As I manage many apartments, this question is more of a legal question that real estate question.

I am not a legal expert and will not give you legal advice, but can tell you a little of what i think.

In a normal world, what you have mentioned should be sufficient enough to get a tenant to move out. Many things does come into the picture.
1) where is your property? 2) how many families is it? 3) is the tenant cash tenant or program?

You should speak to an attorney, and send the refusal to renew contract as soon as possible. That is a start.

I hope your tenant play along and leave with out difficulties. Good luck.

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