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Greetings !
A few years ago I put my house up for sale and thus far it is not going very well.
We are listed with a realtor who has advertised everywhere.
My main concern is that over the years I have run into some very difficult people with whom I had several personal problems....several years ago I had a brief encounter with a realtor.
My question is this --- am I being blacklisted from selling my house ?  My house is posted all-over the internet and I wonder if people who dislike me are trying to have my efforts sabotaged.
Thanks !

Good Evening Robert:

Where is your property located? Give me an address, so I can do some research.

Realtors and real estate agents are to have high standards and act as a professionals. There are agents who decide not to show your house because they think the owner is hard to deal with. It's not black listing.

From my many years of experience in this business, PRICE and CONDITION is the most important reason why people don't buy a property.

Give me some contact info, and address so I can do a research on my side.

hope this answered your question.


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I am a Real Estate Broker. I own my own properties, and I build many 3 family homes. I can answer all aspects of purchasing/selling/researching on real estate in NY. I specialize in 2/3 families in NYC (5 boroughs). I can also help you through the process. BROOKLYN, MANHATTAN, BRONX, QUEENS’s properties in which you can build equity and your rental income pays for your mortgage is a very good idea. Most properties I sell/build are in this category. Hope I can be of help.


I have been in this field for 8 years now. New Construction, and finding investment properties are 2 of my specialties.

I own my own real estate company. I am a Realtor. MLS member.

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