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Due to the poor economy, my county has informed me that my home has lost 10% of its value since I bought it in 2005. That's good for taxes, but bad for resale. I have already done and would like to continue to do many home improvements. I want to concentrate on improvements that would increase property value. How do I find out exactly what kind of improvements appraisers like to see?

The county value is not the best way to determine your actual value.  This can be done by a CMA from an agent or an appraiser to give you current market value estimate.  The county is always 1-3 years behind on values.  If you are in central Ohio I may be able to provide you a CMA to give you a better idea of value.  As for improvements, the neighborhood will determine the value given to improvements or lack of them.
Example if all homes are selling well without updated kitchen counters then you may be better to put your money in another area.  Improvements that I feel DO NOT add value when you go to sell are:
1) Roof, Unless it is damaged or leaking it is fine. Think about it this way, How many of your neighbors don't have a roof on their house?
2)Extreme Landscaping.
3)New Front door.
These add some appeal but not necessary value.

Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.
Brian "Mez"
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