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Real Estate: Texas/Heirship for Oil & Gas Mineral Rights


My grandmother died in 2005. We did not probate her will as she only had a little money and a small part of a Oil and Gas Mineral Interest in Brazoria County,Texas.  The company leasing the Mineral Interest was satisfied with a copy of her death certificate and her will.  The lease has since expired and no one has picked up the lease since then. However, some questions have come up as to whether or not we should have some type of legal document showing the heirship distribution.  There is no fighting or disagreement among the heirs. What would you suggest?

I suggest that you obtain an Affidavit of Heirship and have it executed by two persons that are familiar with the estate and her heirs.  After it is executed then you should record the Affidavit in the county in which the property is found.  You can probably Google for a document of this type and find one easy enough.

This would clear up the ownership of the mineral estate.  

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