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I hired a property manager to manage my home that I rent out in Mansfield, TX.(I live in California).  I decided not to use her company  anymore and gave her a 30 day notice on March 1, 2013.  I paid her her fee for the month.  I requested the keys, the tenant's security deposit(the tenant is still living there), and my funds of $250.00 that she keeps in case repairs need to be made to the property.

It is now April 4, 2013 and she has not given me any of those items.  By law, how long should I give her before I start a claim against her.  Thanks

That is purely a contract issue.  If you had a contract with her then review the contract to determine the amount of time required for settlement.  If you did not have a contract with the property manager then you could begin proceedings at any time.  There is no statutory time period to wait before moving forward with hiring an attorney and pursuing the funds.

Hope this helps.

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