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We sold our home and have had two extensions (now $2,000 EM). At the request of a 3rd extension we decided to terminate (Aug 23)and requested the full EMoney on Aug 26 but have heard nothing back from the Buyer.  Fell through because he didn't have the money down because the sale of his house fell through.  There was no contingency on the sale of his house to buy ours.  We have had it off the market in the prime season.  Now I have another offer.  Do I have to resolve the earnest money with previous buyer before I can move forward on this new buyer? Thanks so much for your help!

This is a good question. In Texas you don't have to resolve the earnest money before accepting a new offer. The money will go to the state until claimed by you or the buyer. We always have the buyer sign a release of earnest money form with the earnest money payable to the seller when the contract is first executed. Additionally we ask for proof of funds in most cases before accepting an offer.  It's worth it to have representation; if you don't want to pay the full 3% many firms work on a consulting basis. Own Realty Group also provides this service.

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