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I'm planning on spending up to $400k on a rental property in Houston. Can you tell me whether or not Houston is a viable market for investment? If not, where in Texas would you recommend? thanks


Depending on your goals and objectives, Houston is an excellent market for real estate investing. Houston was recently ranked one of the top real estate investing markets worldwide. Our investors look to buy at least 20% below market value, residential properties requiring little or no repairs in high rent districts. Our primary investment strategy is growth and income, with at least 20% equity and positive cash flow. Typically, we buy and hold, from different sources using a number of different acquisition methods. Investors interested in our real estate investors network can contact Own Realty Group at

Real Estate: Texas

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Own Realty Group real estate professionals have over 20 years experience buying, selling, leasing and investing in real estate. Own Realty Group is also the investment management company for the Houston Real Estate Investors Network. Own Realty Group professionals host weekly seminars and workshops on buying, selling, leasing and investing. Since 2002 Own Realty Group professionals have completed thousands of transactions representing buyers, sellers, tenants and investors.

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