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I would like to know how to change the name on the dead to my parents house.  I am an only child. My mother died on 2006 and my father died this past October.  The purchased the house together and I am their only child.  The house is paid for with no liens.  I live in Houston, TX.  I have filed affidavits of heirship after both of their deaths.  What is the easiest way?

You have done as much as you can do without spending money.  The complete way to finalize the process is to hire an attorney to open a case in the probate court there in Harris County (or the county where the property is located).  The judge will review the documents and the affidavit of heirship that you have recorded.  If the judge determines that you and the attorney have satisfied the court that you are the only heir, the judge will name someone as the representative of your parent's estate.  That representative will then be able to execute a deed conveying and vesting the house in your name.

The judge is authorizing and naming the representative and that "judgment" will be placed of record in the clerk's office and will complete the chain of title and validate the representative deed.

Sorry the answer is long and somewhat complicated - feel free to ask a followup question if you need to.


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