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QUESTION: What circa is the duck logo?  I know it was used during Californication, but I haven't seen it since.  I became a fan circa Californication, so don't know if it was used before then.  Thanks!

ANSWER: Hi Lynn,

I must admit I haven't seen this logo for a while and I had to look it up. This is what I found on one of the fansite forums:

"According to Blackie, Anthony's Dad, when he questioned the boys about the duck they gave him a very simple answer! It seems that during the making of albums the boys tend to find favorite places to eat near to where they are recording. This particular duck was a symbol on a menu at a chinese restaurant the band was frequenting and it has now been promoted to semi-official duck of RHCP. There seems to be no trick or mystical reasoning behind it, they simply liked it so they used it. "

I hope this helped you! :)

All the best,

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QUESTION: I read the same thing on this site from a previous question.  I really need to know time frame rather than meaning.  Thank you.

Unfortunately, I can't find the exact year. It is mentioned on one site that they've used that logo since 1985, but all the memorabilia with the duck logo is from Californication era, the Off the Map tour. It is possible that they'd created the logo pre-Californication, but haven't used it for merchandise until 1999.

Sorry I couldn't help you.


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