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Steve Kasian wrote at 2014-08-20 07:11:28
The RHCPs have dependably taken popular music to all time new lows throughout their befuddlingly successful career. It's called LACK OF TALENT & SHEER LAZINESS; That is the explanation behind "lyrics" like those described above. The RHCPs are a disgrace to rock music, as are any "fans" who have supported them along the way. Shame on them all. And ten-fold shame on all the record and radio execs who've participated in the Payola that manufactured thir success.

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Lara Jade


I have been a fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers since I was 12 years old, and as such, have become quite knowledgeable on pretty much any subject with regards to this wonderful anomalous phenomenon! Anything from lyrical questions to love lives, you ask it, I'll answer it, or die trying! Technical questions relating to the band's musical instruments are not my forte.


I first became intrigued by the Chili Peppers, back in 1989 when my brother (God rest his musical soul--his musical tastes now have waned to Death/Thrash metal) introduced me to the band, and became further enamored after seeing the video for "True Men Don't Kill Cyotes". The entire concept of these wonderful freaks of nature, now became my reason for existing. During these years, I did manage to procure an assortment of Chili Peppers memorobilia, including, but not limited to: The entire album collection from 1984's self titled "The Red Hot Chili Peppers", to the most current release "Stadium Arcadium". My VHS and DVD collection includes "Funky Monks", "Off the Map", and "Live at Slane Castle". I've been to see them twice in '06, and hopefully will get to see them again in '07 when they begin their North American Tour with Gnarls Barkley!!! Most of my favourite songs remain unreleased, or are very hard to find.

I belong to essentially every Chili Peppers fan club site on the internet. This includes my membership to the official fan club site,

Still working on that one........Was really counting on a lottery win! I am currently employed a a business manager at a succesful company.

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