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My friend has stopped following his faith. I am encouraging him to return to temple. Are their any books out there that are encouraging in general and returning to practice specifically? Any suggestions that I could make? I'm Christian, but I know He needs G-d In his life and I believe he can find it through returning to active participation. There are lots of stuff out there for Christians but I'm totally lost when it comes to Judaism.

Thank you for your question and your thoughtful concern for your friend. I'm sure there are articles and books out there, google baal teshuva", I'm just not familiar with any personally. One of my favorite books on my bookshelf is Herman Wouk's This is My God. It talks about the beauty of the Jewish faith from a perspective that can be appreciated by the novice or the long time Jew. Unfortunately many have lost faith with the temple and the church. We as leaders need to be making it more engaging rather than a spectator sport. Your friend may be one of the nones that consider themselves spiritual rather than religious. I would support him but not preach and the situation may just work itself out. You could also talk to his rabbi if you know where he attends. Sorry I couldn't help more. Thanks for being a great friend. Shalom

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