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G_d bless you Rabbi,
   Can you help me understand Haran.  God called Abram to leave his family and he goes to Haran.  But Haran was Abram's brother.  Did Abram leave his father Terah's house and go to live with his brother Haran?  I don't understand.

Dear Don,

At the time when this story takes place, it is well attested by archaeological evidence that there was a mass migration due to famine in the land. Abram was a part of that migration. In this case Haran is not meant as the name of Abram's brother. Rather it is a location. Locations were often given names that related to significant people who lived in a certain place. So, Abram was directed to a place which was named for his brother. Or, one might read it as the place where Haran's tribe was located. I hope this is helpful.

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