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My father, grandfather, both great grandparents, and all of their parents and their parents (and their parents, etc.) are/were all Jewish. Although this was kept under wraps in their Mexican town, they affirmed it among themselves, and it was well known that they moved to Mexico from Spanish Morocco to get a chance at religious freedom.  Unfortunately, because of the aftermath of the ignominious Mexican Inquisition and the pressure that followed over the next century, they were forced to be "Crypto-Jews" in Mexico. They observed as many practices as they could in their homes. But I don't mean this in some vague way, as if it were just *somewhere* in my ancestry. My grandfather talked about it. My great grandmother prepared the home for Shabbat each Friday, etc. Because my father wanted to be part of a Conservative Jewish congregation in the U.S, he went through the conversion process and is a practicing, observant Jew in every sense. Raised by my Christian mother, I have only just now allowed myself to feel the pull of Judaism, and I do feel it!  I am interested in Reform Judaism. So . . . how Jewish am I? Would I have to go through the conversion process in Reform Judaism?

Sadly, since your mother is apparently not Jewish you are not Jewish.

You should discuss this with a Reform Rabbi in your area. Yes, you probably would have to go through a conversion to Judaism.

Go and speak with a Reform Rabbi (or any other) and you will get all the information you will need.

Thank you for the question,
Rabbi Bender

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