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Since Reform Judaism tends not to believe in the afterlife, am I correct in assuming that Reform Jews generally do not believe in souls and spirits in the traditional sense? If Reform Jews indeed do not believe in what do they believe in? Coming from a Non-Reform background, I am interested to know.

Thank you for your kind question. I just saw it so apologies that it took me a few days to answer.

Reform, like most other Jews, consider the afterlife as dessert rather than the main course. Even in Orthodoxy it is not clear exactly what the afterlife is and how it will all come about. I don't believe we can make a blanket statement as to what any (and certainly not what all) Jews believe in other than the Oneness of HaShem.

I can't speak for all Reform Jews but I believe our souls are reconnected with HaShem when we die, after a refinement period.

Hope that helps. Shalom!  

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