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How was the Hebrew people taught during he Exodus. How were the people taught the writings of law, history, wisdom, Pentateuch, also how did they learn what to do for the sacrificial system and the many festivals which needed to be observed with it's requirements.

I have read that Moses did have some meetings and spoke to all the people occasionally but it seems to me that would be a lot to remember especially as it was given orally which, as an old teacher I know it can go in one ear and out the other very easily.


Thank you for your kind question. I believe the teachings were passed along verbally for many years. Some of this, as you noted, appears in the Hebrew Scriptures. Much does not. I think the oral tradition picks up on the task and fills in many gaps. While I do not believe that it is word for word from Sinai, I do suspect some of it came from there (enough that I believe it should be followed so long as it does not contradict the Torah or impose excessive burdens upon us) and therefore should be followed, if nothing more than the ancient traditions of the Jewish People. Hope that helps, shalom!

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