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Reform Judaism/isn't love of neighbor a command?


I heard someone preach that in Judaism there is no command to love one's neighbor, and it struck me as unusual, perhaps tendentious against the religion. Like you, I am interested in interfaith relations, and this statement seemed contrary.

Very sorry for the delay! Yes, there most certainly is a commandment to "Love your neighbor as yourself". This commandment encompasses the entire last half of the 10 commandments and is further elucidated in many of the commandments found in the Torah ie fair scales, etc. There is so difference of opinion as to who is one's neighbor...the one I think most closely fits is that a neighbor is someone who likewise treats you in a neighborly fashion. Therefore, there is no commandment, in my opinion, to love the antisemite or hateful neighbor next door. Someone once said "He who treats the cruel with kindness will ultimately treat the kind with cruelty. Thanks for the question and once again I apologize for the delay. Shalom!

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