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QUESTION: I was told that Torah says not to show up at G-d's appointed times (Moadim) empty-handed.

Is this accurate, or is it a Christian misinterpretation?

Thanks for your help.

ANSWER: Thank you for the kind question, sorry for the delay. That refers to offerings, we do not do these today. One might consider charity instead. Shalom!

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QUESTION: Thanks for your reply.

Are offerings (charities) made during the Ten Days of Awe, or any other Moadim, more powerful than other appointed times, or is this a Christian misinterpretation?

Thanks for your help.

Sorry I didn't get this question. Jews believe that tzedikah done during the days of awe do have particular significance. We try to do more such that we train ourselves to be better throughout the year. Thanks for the follow up question and I apologize profusely for the delay. Shalom!

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