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Reform Judaism/Judaism or Jewism?


Robert Cooper, jr. wrote at 2008-03-01 23:32:25
Jewism is the proposition that Jews are the "Chosen People". That is, their belief that their position and stature is above the other (non-chosen [non-Jewish]) people. It is similar to, but not equivalent to, the definition of "Zionism".

Jack wrote at 2012-11-02 01:50:04
The Hebraic Scripture Etymology:

YAHADUT {Yod, He, Daleth, Vav, Tov.}  The word Judaism is English word translated from the Hebrew YAHADUT {Yod, He, Daleth, Vav, Tov.}  The Hebrew Yahadut lay claim to the meaning as “YHWH scripture religion,” or by its’ veracious portmanteau word meaning “YHWH Joyous proclamation” for there is only one religion declared in the scripture.

Yahadut is a beautify offshoot from Strong‘s 3054 Yahad.  Both Yahadut like Strong‘s 3054 Yahad is also a Hebraic portmanteau words formed by blending two distinct words and combining their meaning, such is Yahadut produced from [Strong’s # 3050 Yah, YHWH mononym]  and Strong’s # 2304 Hadut {Heth, Daleth, Vav, Tov.}

Strong’s # 2304 Hadut {Heth, Daleth, Vav, Tov.} is from Strong’s # 2302 Hadah {Heth, Daleth, He.} which in turn is rooted in Strong’s # 1906 "Had" {He, daleth.} this words are expressing His fervent and unrestrained declaration of joy, the Torah is full of His joyous proclamation.  Consequently, the Hebraic portmanteau word “Yahadut” means “YAH Joyous declaration.”

Along with the Scripture word for Convert, Strong‘s 3054 Yahad [Strong’s # 3050 Yah and Strong’s # 1906 "Had." {He, daleth.}] which is rooted in the same root meaning “YAH Joyous proclaim the convert.”

The Torah along is the preeminence source to understand the mechanism that causes the real natural processes of our blessing, spiritual strength, joy, delight and happiness, therefore applied for the word “Strong’s # 2304 Hadut” express in (1 Ch. 16:27) and (Nehemiah. 8:10) “YHWH’s Joyousness {Heth, Daleth, Vav, Tov.} is your strength.”

Its a rooted from “Joyous declare shout” {Strong’s # 1906 "Had." He, daleth.} which is another word that means His “declare” Joy, Delight and Happiness as [Strong’s # 2304 Hedut." heth, daleth, vav, tov.]  “YAHADUT” maintain YHWH mononym association with His Joyousness “proclamation” for a Torah covenant relationship should be by portmanteau word definition a delightedness religious practice.

YHWH children encompass insatiable spiritual aspiration to find their real and lasting scripture heritage, and is undisputable that the scripture is Yahadut preeminence defining source.  We find the term “Yahadut” was coin by the first century BCE as YHWH’s religion.  References include the Second Book of Maccabees 2:21 and 8:1. “Yahadut” or “dat Yahadut” is used frequently in commentaries.  Yehudim (Jews) [derive from Strong’s # 3050 Yah and Strong’s # 1935 Hohd] is the titled of those in HIS flock, and in His Kingdom who practice Yahadut [Judaism.]

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