pigeons99 wrote at 2014-02-15 01:18:44
I am also trying to find the first song the person asking mentioned. It is very similar to Twice my Age by Shabba Ranks.

"I should have known from the start, that you're not meant for me ( Male voice: I was always meant for you) that you would break my heart, and leave me here in misery"

Then the male sings "Young girl! Give me one more chance let me prove to you(your? in? unsure of word)love, one more chance let me prove to you/your love, one more chance let me prove to your love, You want love, talking about the real thing, you want love....." Cant quite remember the rest.

Another part has the female sing something like "If you didnt want my kiss (I think), why didnt you let me know? Darling I just cant resist, and know I don't know what to do."

then the male sings "Well I will tell you!, Young Girl!..." etc.

Any help would be appreciated


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