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Good day Pam
Thanks for the answer.What are the main reiki meridian points that can be massaged with aromatic oil and how does one massage these points. Also what are the benefits of massaging these points.

In my practice I focus on the areas of the body that typically hold the most emotion. Instead of massaging the meridians I would use light brush-like strokes with oils in the direction of the muscle, working down the meridian. This will help to release any energy stored in these areas. I usually begin at the top of the head, working down toward the bottom of the skull. Energetically speaking, I find focusing here first opens the crown chakra to allow a smooth and easy energy flow throughout the Reiki session. Then I move to the top of the chest/collarbone and out to the shoulders and down the arms. Massaging the hands, fingers, and webbing between the fingers can help relieve pain and stress throughout the body. Then move from the arms to just above the hips in the middle of the lower, massaging outward to the sides of the body. Then to the hamstrings, particularly the middle of the hamstrings, also tend to hold a lot of emotions. Then, lastly, down the legs to the feet and the webbing (fascia) between the toes is the final spot to work. I'm including a link to the meridians of the body just in case you'd like to see a visual. I hope this helps.


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