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For a while I have wondered if there is a connection between certain body parts and the chakras.  The first example that I thought of is the iris of our eyes.  Would the iris's opening and closing have a corresponding effect with the third-eye chakra or maybe the other vision related chakras?  Then I started thinking it might be the opposite, open iris's means closed chakras.  Either way, cats seem to act real freaky when their irises are big.  Another example might be yawning.  Could it have some relation to the throat chakra letting off some kind of "steam"?  Or maybe it might have to do with the heart or solar plexus.

What do you think about this??

Todd, I personally don't associate the state of the iris with the state of the third-eye chakra. That doesnít mean itís not true though. You might want to experiment with meditating and opening the third-eye and then looking at the state of your eyes.  See what happens. As for yawning, itís usually associated with the need for more oxygen for the brain. However, it could also be an indicator of an over-active throat chakra (and/or heart chakra) that needs to ďlet off some steamĒ or cool down. Thatís probably, when people are emotional, itís recommended that they take a few deep breathes.  


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