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Hi Pam, I'm not sure if this is your specialty, but I'm not sure who else to ask. I'm currently having acupuncture for some shoulder and neck problems and I've been having really weird experiences during the sessions. I've been experiencing floating, almost out of body experiences and one that I think might be Kundalini. I'm not sure since I've never experienced it before.

During the last session I got this sensation that something woke up deep inside me and started rising in waves and came out of the stomach/solar plex area (I honestly got the impression it was a white dragon). I've read that Kundalini is suppose to travel up the entire spine, so I'm not sure if I experienced Kundalini or some other energy flow. I thought since Reiki and chakras are your specialty you might have an idea?

Thank you for your time!

Hi, Sasha.

I'm not an expert at Kundalini or acupuncture, but I think I can help you with your solar plexus experience.

Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga and is the oldest natural healing science - over 5,000 years old. In Ayurveda there are three types of energies present in everything/everyone called doshas: vata, pitta, and kapha. We have just moved from the slower, colder dosha of the winter (kapha) into the more fiery, hot, penetrating dosha energy of the summer (pitta). One thing that could be happening is that because you are doing so much energy work, you are in sync with the seasonal energy and your pitta energy has been activated. That's great! Also, you may be cleansing the solar plexus chakra, so be ready to deal with any old self-esteem issues, perhaps having to do with your current self-identity. Your dragon could be connected with the fire/heat of the season too. Dragons are animals that bring change and transformation. So you are probably about to enter a time of quick, fierce change. How exciting!

When you see the color white while receiving energy work, that usually means you have opened your 7th chakra (your crown chakra) and are connecting with the Universe/the Source. My advice would be to take it in and enjoy it. I hope this helps.  


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