So tonight I was practicing a technique that destroys limiting beliefs, I got through a bunch of them and then I got to 'Nothing I do is good enough.'
When I got to this one I was completely stuck and have been trying to get past it for hours.
Anywho while I was trying to work through it I came to notice a place above my left eyebrow that was feeling quite strange, the energy in this place is always dense, no matter how much I meditate, as soon as I become aware in my body I notice it.
I've tried smudging, praying white light and healing with my hands but it remains dense, any Idea what this is?
Maybe a biological thing?
Hope this makes sense, :)

Hi, Kori.

My first thought when you described the place above your left eyebrow is that you may have an energy blockage between your crown chakra and your third eye. The fact that it showed up when you were attempting to clear 'Nothing I do is good enough' indicates the blockage is related to the statement. And the location - on the left - indicates you may need to accept something in order to clear it. I don't think you really believe that nothing you do is good enough, but you may have some old stuff coming up that needs to be cleared that is related to the statement. I say just clear it out and let it go. Then you can fully accept that you are awesome. :-)

I would suggest a breathing exercise while in yoga corpse pose - please google if you don't know corpse pose. While lying on your back, close your eyes and completely relax. Breathe in for a count of 7, breathe out for a count of 6. While breathing in for 7 seconds think "I AM". While breathing out for 6 seconds think "ENOUGH".  Do it over and over again for at least 10 minutes. You may need to do this several times a day for a few weeks to clear the energy blockage, or it may clear immediately. I think the indicator of the energy clearing will be seeing a blue dot (that means your third eye chakra is clear and moving) and a slight pressure on the top of your head (crown chakra is clear). I don't see your crown being blocked or your third eye for that matter. Just the connection between the two.

I hope this helps. Pam :-)


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