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Reiki/Relationship analysis and healing


QUESTION: Hello Sir,
Can you analyze relationship issues with reiki? My husband has left home and hasn't come back since oct 1st, we had a fight and after tht he didn't return.
anjani: june 24, 1982
amit: nov 30, 1978


ANSWER: Good day and best of luck

This is regarding the question you have asked and I gave a try to
get the solutions through Reiki Meditation.

The got the following answers which I have mentioned below:

1)Your husband who had left home on 1st oct will return back.

2)He will not be repeat this action again.

3)He is Sentimental and past karma was responsible to make him leave the house.

4)His heart chakra needs healing.

5)His mind is not stable at present.

Relationship between you both is 23% good and 25% bad.

I am sending my distance healing & prayers for Peace & happiness.

Rajan-Reiki Channel

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks a lot sir. Is it possible to say how soon he would return back?

Can you please give few more healings to him and our relationship?
(What would be the charges, I might not be able to pay too high a fee at present)

ANSWER: With Reiki Blessing, Love & Light

I will be pleased to give distance healing to you and your husband
for better relationship.

This time I checked through pendulum dowsing and got the answer that
your husband can return within 2 Weeks.Good Luck

Regarding Fees you don't have to pay anything,healing is free.

If Possible can I have your location.

Reiki Channel

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello sir,

We would be very very grateful to you. Thanks and I pray for loads of happiness your way!!
Sir, one more request please - our daughter Anusha who will turn one year old tomorrow has been suffering with cold(running nose) since the day her father left, I gave her antibiotics, steam, medicines etc but nothing is working. Can you please heal her as well. Thanks again...

Our location: Bangalore (India)

Best Regards and gratitude,

Thanks for sending healing request for your Daughter.

I have noted her name for distance healing.

I suggest you try home remedies like making a mixture of grinded Ginger,Cardamom,
raw turmeric in warm water and give Anusha to drink in empty stomach,before breakfast
or lunch

Hope it is ok,


Reiki channel


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