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In the science of body building, the concept of growth lies in doing weightlifting to cause wear and tear in the muscles which upon taking protein nutrition cause their healing and increase in muscle mass. The torn tissues pave way for growth of additional muscle tissues upon nutrition.

If i happen to use Reiki as a part of muscle building pursuit(doing weightlifting in gym), how would it function.

Will Reiki cause increase in muscles mass ?
Will it simply heal the worn tissues to their default state without causing and muscle gain ?

ANSWER: Reiki is an Energy healing.

Reiki energy is projected with an intention to a
particular cause.

Reiki is an divine energy used for curing any
Physical,Mental,Emotional Ailment.

Reiki is not used for Body building,but for healing.

Reiki supports the Physical body to heal itself.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for the answer Rajan.

But intention counts in Reiki. What if i do reiki with the intention of muscle building(using reiki to manifest muscle mass and desired body shape).

Reiki is an Universal enery and intention is nothing but like praying
for Well being of a person for whatever cause may, like cancer
patients/old age sickness,etc.,where a person needs help and cannot help himself.

In your case, you can go to a gym and build your Muscle, there are Instructor
in Gym. who can help you to serve your purpose.

Regards best of luck


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