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Robert Bayer wrote at 2012-12-17 04:47:09
There is no reincarnation. That child cannot be born in the mortal world though that child can visit as a spirit. Your baby that was aborted went through a lot of pain and is likely being cared for in the heavens by foster parents. But this child is still in a tough situation as it is more difficult for aborted children to develop.  Send your love daily to this child in the heavens and work for attonement, be it service to others but especially to those chiildren without parents to take care of them.  Though the abortion was a mistake of moral judgment, you can, through efforts to attone for this mistake, make the situation much better for everyone, yourself, your baby in heaven, the foster parents, and all you are going to help as a means of attonement. Do not despair. God never condemns, especially in your case as this was not done with full knowledge. So forgive yourself and work for ever greater love and healing for all concerned, including yourself.  


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