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Richard Hall wrote at 2014-10-26 19:58:26
Remembering past lives can do immeasurably more harm than good. If we could recall all our previous lives we would not only dredge up who we were, but how we impacted the lives of others. This is of more importance. For, the way we treat people must be in an ethical way. If we treated others with anger and hatred, or physical harm (which we are all guilty) our remembrance in this life would be haunting because today our character has changed in a progressive manner. Universal nature moves in an upward (spiritual) and forward advancement. For, while we remember our earlier lives so does everybody, can you imagine? We would all have mental disturbances. The ancient Greeks address this by: “drinking from the waters of Lethe (forgetfulness)”, as initiates, Apollonius of Tanya, Empedocles, Pythagoras and others were able to delve into the hid mysteries, such as their past lives, by which they refuse to do so, because of the very reason stated above.

By paying attention to the situations that happen to us in this life we are able to imagine, or look back into earlier lives why bad or good things that occur to us. If we treated people fairly we see these favorable situations unfold today and the same if we handled folks in a negative way we feel the impact on our present life.  


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