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Reincarnation/How soon after death till someone takes rebirth and how can you know?


brooke wrote at 2011-04-06 10:53:54
thankyou so much for your response, it filled my heart will delight and gave me inspiration and hope. i have tried meditation and have felt his spirit, he will sometimes ask me certain questions like did you find me attractive or tell me things about his experience or his life, which is really special and beautiful. But i will continue to meditate and wonder how things will go from there and now i have fresh hope of seeing him again. Of course i would love it to be in a love relationship where i can experience his form and strength in love, but understand that it may be as a child where i am teacher or some other form of soul learning between us. I was really inspired to hear that people take the same physical like appearance as i am sure he will be born as beautiful as ever. Thankyou again


madhu wrote at 2015-03-13 10:12:57

Answer : Reincarnation is not a regular phenomenon.Chances are only one out of 100 million. I mean conscious reincarnation.It is a mistake or blunder of the nature.

Even if he is reincarnated there is no chances for remembering the old life.

Physic readers or mediums will be able contact and talk with the soul.

They can trace the soul.

you can meet the soul in the Out-of-body experience  ( astral )  


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