QUESTION: Hi Stephen!

I have dreamt, seen, heard, and felt a little girl around me for more than a decade. I feel like she is/was my daughter. The first time I became explicitly aware of her, I was meditating while taking a bath. It was like a movie trailer played in HD in my head. I could see her so clearly, and I "knew" her name. Strange things started to happen after that. I found a little girls ring in my shoe one morning, a box turned up filled with stuff from when I was born, congratulations on your new baby girl cards, little dresses, rose water, rose earrings, etc. I had never seen them before. My mum identified the stuff for me, but she wasn't sure where it had come from either as she hadn't seen it in almost 20 years.

I also feel a connection between her and my deceased grandmother on my father's side. I sometimes wonder if they the same soul. There were also pictures of my grandmother in that box of stuff.

And very randomly once, a woman told me that I would have a daughter with the same birthmark as myself (on the palm of my right hand) and that I would learn a lot from her.

I guess I am asking, could this little girl be the reincarnation of my grandmother? Could she have been my daughter in previous lives as well? And possibly this one?

Thank you for your help!

ANSWER: Hi Kelly,

I don't know, from your letter, if you are married or of childbearing age. I assume you mean, could she be your daughter later on in your life.

I'd be curious in what sense a box "turned up". Does that mean you ran across it in the attic while looking for something else, or, you woke up and it was literally sitting on the floor in your room? One would be stronger evidence than the other.

To answer your question, it's certainly possible. There are such things as "announcing dreams," for example, which have been studied by Dr. Ian Stevenson, in which a person, before reincarnating, announces to the mother that she is going to be born to her.

There are also documented cases of ancestors, including grandparents, reincarnating back into their families. One of the best books to read on this is "Return From Heaven" by Carol Bowman.

If you do have a girl, you can test her, when she's old enough, by first of all listening carefully (and respectfully) to what she says; and secondly, by showing her old photographs, including photos of your grandmother, and seeing if she picks them out and identifies them. Obviously you would have to be careful not to give her any clues before-hand.

Finally, if you do have a girl, it would be important not to *assume* it's your grandmother, putting expectations on her.

Best regards,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I should have provided more information! I am in my late twenties and single and the box was on my bed when I came home one day. I had recently moved so there were boxes throughout my place, but I had never seen this one before or the contents within it. I asked my brother who helped with the moving and he hadn't seen it either.  

My follow up questions would be about the birth mark. Do children ever have the same one as their parents? What would the significance of this be? Mine is on the bottom-middle of my right palm. I had a similar mark appear a few years ago on my the bottom-left of my left palm. (NOTE: marks have been checked out my a doctor and are considered odd but non-malignant!)


We are now into a realm that is just beginning to be studied. The most scientific inquiry into reincarnation and birth marks was done by Dr. Ian Stevenson and colleagues. He did not hazard a guess as to the mechanism, he only documented cases. However, there are also instances, discussed by him and others, of the responsiveness of the skin to the subconscious--including subconscious memory of past lives. There are also historically-validated cases in which the current person looks physically at least 85% similar to the past-life personality, even though there is no possible genetic link. All of this suggests that the mind--or perhaps what we experience, in life, as the subconscious mind--is fully capable of shaping the physical body, both as it is being formed, and to some extent (especially, with regard to the skin), even afterwards.

Your speculation would be as good as mine as regards what past-life injury might cause such a mark. Crucifixion immediately comes to mind (since lots of people were crucified), but who knows? I do not know why a child would have the same mark. There is some speculation that the mother's mind (or subconscious mind) could also do some imprinting of its own. Or both could have shared a similar fate.

There is also some indication that things like ceremonial markings could show up as birthmarks, as well. Anything, in my opinion, which left a *deep mental imprint* could do it. The ways that something can leave a deep mental imprint--deep enough to show up in a future lifetime (deep enough to be impressed as a mental groove on the subconscious mind), are trauma, strong emotion, long habit, and strong identification. So even without trauma, if there was a life-long mark (like a tattoo, for example) that a person strongly identified with, that in itself might make an impression so lasting that it might show up in a future body. Again, that's my own theory.

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