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8 months ago, my mother died suddenly, from an aneurysm, & was on life suppport for 6days, before it was recommended she be taken off support.
I had a dream yesterday that held such clarity. She appeared 2me downstairs in the Laundry room. I felt her presence so completely, that I was compelled 2follow her in2 the room. When I got there, she was presented as, "enshroudesd in a tree," as if entwined as one...... & then suddenly, a song blared out, w/the lyrics..... "I always come back."
I woke w/a jolt, & was overcome w/panic, as I think a higher power was alerting me 2the fact, that my mom was reincarnating. I prayed my mom would not move on for at least a yr-18months. My belief of reincarnation started w/the teachings of Yogananda. As a younger person, the belief in reincarnation gave me comfort, but not w/the real life experience of my mom's death. My family was very fractured, 2say the least, & mom represented the one person I felt I could not loose. Even though I have made strides in my grieving process, that I didn't think possible, I feel I am grieving the loss of her, all over again, if she has in fact, started anew. May I know your thoughts on the dream. I think I still have contact w/her in the ether, but have started 2doubt that, since this dream occurrence. Perhaps u can suggest some resource that deals w/the finer points of moving through this transition, or perhaps your own "take," will suffice.
Thank you so much

Dear Wendy,

I am so sorry about your loss. Perhaps even more so than usual, as I just lost my own mother last week.

I don't know if I can be of that much assistance to you, as you are further along in the grieving process than myself.

But perhaps my own take on your situation might be helpful.

I wrote a letter to my mother that was read at her funeral service. (I couldn't be there as I had other family duties elsewhere.) This certainly helped me to release my mother and say goodbye. You might consider doing something similar.

I expect it is harder to lose a mother suddenly than if one has been expecting it for a time. Yet, either way, it isn't an easy thing to recover from.

We had an astral ascension ceremony for my mother at Ananda Community in Nevada City this past weekend. Selfless, disinterested yogis who had never met my mother performed the ceremony, listened to me speak about her life, and prayed for her. That was very healing. Perhaps you might find such a ceremony healing as well. I think if you contacted an Ananda minister at they might be able to perform such a ceremony for you, even belated as it is, by Skype. Or there might be an Ananda center nearby that can help you.

One thing you might keep in mind is that, even if your mother is in process of reincarnating again, her soul is much greater than any body she is temporarily inhabiting. Really, it is God acting through the soul of your mother, whose comforting presence you seek. What you need from her can still be obtained in meditation on her and her qualities, no matter what her soul's current placement or situation.

You are never truly abandoned by your mother, nor by your greater Mother, God. She is always with you. The more you meditate, the more you will feel Her closeness.

Wendy, I wish you all the best, and hope what I've written might provide some small comfort.


Richard Salva


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