Hi I want to know more about reincarnation and figuring outmy past life. Through out my whole life... Ive had crazy dreams.. Id shrug it off as dejavu. For a year I kept a journal of my dreams and these events are occuring. I am a pisces, my love is a leo. Our relationship was fine until my one year away at this treatment center in my youth. is this a karma reaction from my past.. Between the lies and physical and verbal abuse?what may have happened in the past? Fod us to love and equally resent one anothee The relationship is toxic but our love for eachother I cant.. We cant describe which is why were together. His eyes.. My eyes.. the windows to our soul. I have so much running in my mind.. I need ur help.. I need to know more about our past life about mine ao maybe I can understand thia one better

Please help


I have had the strange luck to know a lot of past life relationships in the present one and be able to identify them through records - even know that what I felt had to be true, because most of us look like who we were before! But if there is one thing this abundance of reincarnated relationships has taught me, it's this: what happens in the current lifetime depends on what you do in the current lifetime. Not the past. If you let feelings from the past influence what happens now, they are far more likely to turn things in the wrong direction than in the right one. Live now. If the relationship is toxic that means it's not healthy for either of you. If you are hanging on to the relationship, sorry to say, it may be that the toxicity is more important than the bond. Please think about that. Bring yourselves into the present. If it is a many life bond, it may be that this is the life that teaches you how to be separate and well - this may be the lesson given to you. But what is most important, even when we live many times together, is what is happening NOW. Think things through, for both your sakes.



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