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Reincarnation/RE: Reincarnation Case WW2 Germany. But who Was I Put a Name To Face for Research!!!


Andrew Kelly in SS uniform
Andrew Kelly in SS uni  

My name is Andrew Kelly and I to have a past life in the SS and Kriegsmarine.    I was always afraid of water when I was younger and would scream near a pool full of water.  I also grew up listening to a German radio station that was popular in the 1970ís 1980ís and 1990ís.  I seem at 2 years old to understand German.  I was born in a small city called Georgetown, Ontario Canada in 1973.  Something about the 1920ís-1945 that seems to play over and over again.  I was in the cadets when I was younger in the navy and army cadets.  I also collect war DVDs and car relate to the songs and sometimes sing them without hearing them before.  Also, German U-boat submarines always appealed to me as I can relate to be on them.  I went under hypnoses and some info showed that I did meet Rommel in North Africa.  I to this day collect war stuff and most of it I can relate to and seem to have worn over 70 plus years ago since the war.  I took German class when I was younger and picked up German quickly quicker than French.  I went to France in 1990 and I did not care for the French culture I was asking about German troop movements and pointed out areas in Paris that I have been to in previous life.  I had a hatred when I grew up to the Jews and did the right arm salute.  When I was younger in 1987b I started to pack a suitcase telling my parents I am going to Germany.  Also, I used to annoy my mother about having things made in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.  I had nightmares of the war dreams.  I have been called a racist many times by people but to me back then that was normal talk especially how I have a hatred for the blacks and Jews etc.  I love to put a name to who I was as I have many other details that would be of interest to you I am sure.  My friends think I am weird and am told by my friends who are part German that their dad who is German acts the same way in many things.  I am part German, Scottish, Ukrainian, Dutch, English, Austrian, Irish etc.  I would love to find out more of who I was put a name to a face to look up in archives.  My great uncle when he was alive I was intrigued by his stories of the war in Europe.  I always have been into the European theater of war, Asia never interests m.  To this day there is something in Germany I do not know what but have been my whole life interested in finding out.  Hope to hear from you soon.

Andrew Kelly

Hi Andrew,
Many of us with memories from this period are drawn to them in inexplicable way. I wish I had something to offer you but it sounds as though your quest continues.
There is a good Yahoo Group that deals with Shoah and related past life memories that might be interesting to you:

Best of success in your ongoing quest.

I would merely suggest that it is this present life that is most important. Its best to keep a balanced perspective on this things.

Peace, Light and Love


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