QUESTION: For some odd reason ci have a feeling that I am the reincarnated doris duke she had knee surgery and I have knee problem I think she died of a stroke and ive been having these awful chest you think I may be experiencing my past life to the full extent

ANSWER: Hi Jameshia,

I am not sure what you mean by "to the full extent," but you could be getting past life bleed through. Other explanations are telepathy or imagination. Either way, I'd get the chest pains looked at by a doctor. You may also wish to get a past life regression to see if there is a connection.


Laura Giles

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QUESTION: Ill be sure to do that and what do you mean by pass life regression and could you tell me a little more about past life bleed through and telepathy


Past life regression is a process where you are guided to remember your past lives through hypnosis.

"Bleed through" is a term that describes when what is your old stuff from a past life comes through and influences this life. It can be dreams, memories, physical problems, attitudes, emotions, or any other thing really.

Telepathy is psychic energy. It's knowing without knowing how you know.

Laura Giles  


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