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Reincarnation/Does this add up?


Years ago I read a book about reincarnation that described how only a small amount of people recall past lives where they were a famous/leader/royalty kind of person.  I think it said around 3% of the population, similar to the percent of people that are mega-wealthy.  

In more recent years I have sometimes contemplated that I am part of a type of people amounting to about 10% or less of the population.  I am OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and the situation runs VERY deep with me, my symptoms are BAD.  I also have always had a very severe hatred of authority.  If people with power over others do anything wrong, or have a cocky attitude, I see it immediately at it can make me lose sleep it troubles me so badly.  I once spoke with a psychologist who nodded positively when I described my troubles with authority as if she had heard this very often when dealing with OCD people.

 My question is this:  Is it likely that I could have been an obnoxious authority figure in a past life?  A sort of tyrannical king that tells people "You have to do what I say!!"?  Could my situation with OCD be the karmic price I am paying for something like that?  People say that we hate in others something that we are guilty of ourselves and I hate authority figures so very much.  I sometimes think that maybe all of this fits together, that I was once the very type of person I now hate, that the "head that wears the crown" was not conscientious enough and is NOW "heavy" with too many thoughts and doubts.  What do you think about this??

Hi Todd,

YES! I think it's possible. However, most problems originate in this life. I'd rule that out first.

If you have gone that route and have not had success, by all means try a past life regression. In my personal and professional experience, it can often release the karma that comes along with it. When the regression is an emotional experience that you feel and understand, it's easy to let it go. It's not usually pleasant, but when it no longer has a hold on you, the need for the symptoms or feelings or whatever it is, just dissipates.


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