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I have a few questions

1. do you believe that people travel in groups to different incarnations?

2. In one lifetime, can you recall multiple incarnations of yourself, or is it more likely that you are just recalling one incarnation.

3. How can I unlock these memories.

I'm sure you get these questions allot, but I'm trying to break my incarnation cycle. Any answers would be great

Hi Vincent,

Thanks for writing. Yes, it's my understanding that people do tend to incarnate together with those they have had past-life connections with, before. Some conceive of it as a "soul group." One compared it to a bunch of logs floating downstream, which keep bumping into one another.

Personally, I am not convinced of the "simultaneous incarnation" theory. I have heard that it was originally taught in the "Seth" material; but I think it is resorted to whenever someone wants to claim two incarnations which overlap in time, and hence normally would be disproven.

There are several methods to unlock past-life memories, which you can find easily enough. The question is, *should* you? There are potential problems with cracking a naturally-occurring memory "membrane," just as there would be in tearing any membrane. You would not, for example, deliberately cut open the membrane around your spinal column without both expertise and a good reason to do so, right? Possible side-effects include remembering something extremely traumatic; remembering something morally terrible you did, and not being able to shake the feeling of guilt; depression, anxiety, or other strong emotions seeping in from the past life; recognizing people in your life, and having the urge to continue that part of the relationship, even if it isn't appropriate, now (like remembering your brother's wife as your own past-life wife, and wanting to have an affair with her). There is also one more possible problem, and that is, if you tear that membrane now, it may tear more easily in future lifetimes. I worked on a crisis hotline once, and a fellow called in who was seeing auras; but he was a fundamentalist Christian, and it was freaking him out. No-doubt it was a result of his having learned how to see auras in a past life.

My suggestion is that if you are very serious about doing research in this area, study it carefully, first, before you go plunging into the experimental side. If you are just curious, I would suggest *not* dabbling in experimentation.

Best regards,


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