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Reincarnation/past life ques karma


hi,i have often struggled with my personal and professional life with a lot of financial problems,my family has never been supportive or loving,my dob is 10/7/79 ,thanks

Hi KJ,

I'm afraid I don't (and can't) give personal readings. I would view something like this as a karmic symptom, and symptoms can have more than one underlying cause. One may have taken advantage of people in a previous lifetime, for example. In any case, it's important to point out that such things come in phases. A phase may lift or shift within a given lifetime--so it does not necessarily mean this phase will last your entire life. Meanwhile, the key is the attitude with which you struggle. The struggling is there as an opportunity for self-improvement. If taken in the right spirit, it will be to your benefit for the future. I'm sorry this is as specific as I can be with so little to go on.

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