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QUESTION: I am a high school student doing a research report on reincarnation. It is required that I receive expert information on the subject, and I was wondering if you could be my expert during this assignment. This would entail providing me with some basic, overall information on the subject, as well as answering some of my questions.
Any information whatsoever that you could provide me with would be greatly appreciated.


Adam Karig

ANSWER: Hi Adam,

Yes, I would be glad to do that so long as I am acceptable to your teacher as an expert. Given that the field is so new, official credentials are sort of arbitrary. I have studied the subject from the perspective of Eastern philosophy since around 1973, and from the perspective of Western research and psychotherapy, since 1997. I produced an indie documentary on the subject which aired on a PBS station in Denver in 2003, and is sold to universities by Films Media Group (the media arm of "Facts on File"). I've written a book on the subject, and I've just recently launched a radio program on the broader topic of metaphysics. And, I have a master's in counseling (not used professionally, except for advice questions on So if those credentials are acceptable to your instructor, I'll agree.

My website,, either contains, or contains links to, the best information available on the subject. If you read everything on that site, and everything recommended by it, you would get one heck of an education on reincarnation! However, the question is how much time you have to devote to it. If you want a "crash course," then the issue is how to narrow it down. Tell me two things: 1) how much time you have to devote to it, realistically, and 2) what you've already read, seen, or already know about the subject. We can start from there. We will have to get outside the interface, so you can contact me through my website.

As always, you may have to narrow down your topic. For example, one more detailed topic might be, "How can one verify a proposed past life match?" One can then discuss the issues and the methods. There's nothing wrong with an overview, if you want to take the whole of reincarnation, but it would be sort of like doing a paper on "birth." You'd probably do better to narrow it down to "the history of delivering breech presentations."

Incidentally, I have the ear of the foremost scientific researcher in the area of reincarnation, Dr. Jim Tucker at the Univ. of Virginia. If you are serious about this, and if he has time, he may be able to give you some direct support with your project. I can't promise that, but it's a possibility. Serious interest and serious efforts usually get such people's attention.


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QUESTION: Dear Stephen Sakellarios
My instructor has approved of your credentials and is allowing you to be my expert.


Good. For an overview, I'd suggest watching my documentary, "In Another Life," which can be accessed on

Let me know if you narrow down your topic. Also, let me know whether you prefer reading or viewing videos, and I can recommend either articles or video interviews, or both. Then you can ask me for sources on specific topics and I can suggest them, accordingly.



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I can answer questions about reincarnation (from both Eastern and Western perspectives) and life after death, and how these topics relate to religion and spirituality.


I produced a documentary entitled "In Another Life: Reincarnation in America" which aired on PBS station KBDI in Denver, CO, Jan. 2003
I have a masters in counseling from FSU, and over thirty years' study of Eastern mysticism from carefully selected sources, plus eight years' study of contemporary Western reincarnation studies. I've published nine related articles online and in print. I offer an online class on the subject and maintain an extensive educational website at, as well as giving talks and radio interviews (archived on the website).

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