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Hi Stephen, i just found out on valentines day that i'm 6 weeks pregnant. I plan on getting an abortion, because i, nor my partner are ready. I am worried that i'm rejecting a soul that wants to teach me something. I understand if this question is out of your scope of practice, but, thought id give it a shot... Thanks much.

Hi Kate,

First of all, if you are going to have an abortion, have it early. My understanding is that the incarnating person--who is in their astral body (which we all have), is kind of "around" or "connected" from early-on, but actually comes into the fetus around the time that is traditionally called "quickening," or about five months. There are variations.

I don't know your situation--always, when I answer these, I kick myself afterwards telling myself, "But you don't really know the person's circumstances." So I don't know what "not ready" means. It could mean anything from severe hardship, to inconvenience, to just not feeling ready for the responsibility, to not being that sure of your commitment, etc. etc.

All events in life are karmic; certainly, all relationships are karmic; and most certainly, conceiving and bearing children is karmic. One thing we know about karma, is that there is a past-life history there. It is, in short, a relationship that already exists.

Beyond that I can't really advise on something so important. I do know, from personal experience, that women who have had abortions, for perfectly sound practical reasons, later had persistent emotions which were quite something else again, of very private grieving, and remorse, and wondering, and so-on. So I would suggest speaking privately with one or two friends who have had abortions, and get them to tell you their real, secret feelings about it, first, if you can.

What I'm saying is that there is the practical side, and then there is the emotional side, and, especially for a woman in this most personal of areas, the emotional side should be respected. Personally, I don't think it is a decision which should be taken lightly. There are woman grieving over miscarriages; then there are women having abortions. Having some inkling of how karma works, I wonder... Karma appears to work by recreating the same situation you created before, when you wanted it, but now you don't want it, so you get both sides and cancel it out. Does that make sense? I don't know, but I'm just wondering, if someone who had abortions in the past, doesn't end up having miscarriages in future lives. That way, the thing they wanted before, now they don't want with equal fervor, and that cancels it out.

It is said that the law of cause and effect operates "inexorably." Only one's deepest motives really can affect its operation.

So here's how I would wrap this up. If it's a matter of inconvenience or unreadiness, use the next 9 months to get ready and have the child and learn how to do it, so that you grow from the experience. If it's an extreme situation of some kind where you feel it's not fair to the child, then talk to one or two friends who have had abortions, make sure you are prepared to handle those feelings, and do it quickly, before the soul enters the body. Apologize to the child, tell him or her the reasons, whatever you feel like telling him or her.

With all that said, understand that I'm no expert in abortions! These are just my thoughts on it.



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