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Reincarnation/Fail pregnancy, killing etc.


Hello. I have burning questions that you might help;

My mother failed her pregnancy twice, before she got me. And it was under so much pressure, & she was weak herself (her body). Even though she was happy to have me, but there's something else that my mom kept; more like remorse, sad, even hate, since to have me, she needs to have a very painful process, loss her previous chances, and I felt uneasy for this lil' fact. Do I upset her..? Because the way she treated me is somewhat diff than my other 2 brothers (after me). I'm the only daughter btw. And people say our face look alike. Is there any past karma/something between us? (my dob is 2march, 1990. mom; 29july, 1967)

I read ur other post on abortion, & I was wondering, what happen with people who kill other people? I read it online, the killers will be exiled 1st before come back to earth. Or somewhat he'll be killed, to make them learn how it feels like to be killed. Is it?

This has nothing to do with past life, but I've lived it: parents don't treat each of their children the same, any more than any of us treat each person we know the same way. Have the best relationship you can with your mother; the truth is, whatever sorrow she carries is probably something that has nothing to do with you, and may be a sorrow she doesn't understand in herself.

I have already answered, regarding your other question, that I don't do psychic past life readings. They are rarely accurate. Dozens of people have told me who they thought I was, some of them professional psychics. The only person who ever got it right actually shared that lifetime with me. I don't recommend such readings for anyone.

No one knows what happens, from individual to individual. Everyone's journey, dealing with everything they are, from good to bad, is unique. From my experience, I feel we might often find out what it's like to live in the shoes of a type of person we didn't understand in another life. I know one person whose past life persona killed many, many people, but who lives a very responsible community oriented life now. She faces the horror of her past, but her dedication to community does not feel to her like acts of remorse. It's simply how she wants to live, now. I have lived lives that I am seeing from a different perspective now, yet I know several people from my past lives who have not yet moved on, and still go through the same things they did before. I feel we move on through acceptance of who we are and our responsibilities and lessons in each life. But beyond that, we can't really say what happens.



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