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Ok, so im a HUGE Marilyn Monroe Fan (i really love her) and i heard she's been reincarnated & shes now a singer named sherrie lea laird but i dont believe sherrie is really Marilyn.
so i decided to try to communicate with Marilyn Monroe's spirit telepathically and didnt get any response and im an expert at telepathy, telekinesis etc.
so i wondered if you can communicate with a spirit after it has reincarnated?

Hi Syphiel,

Of course everyone is a spirit, incarnate or not; and telepathy can work with either. So the general answer would be "yes"; but there are always extenuating circumstances. A person would have to be receptive; they would have to be old enough. There are all kinds of possible conditions. This is outside my area of expertise beyond those general observations. I will mention that when everyone sleeps, everyone leaves their body and becomes a "spirit," except they continue to be connected by the "silver cord." So there are such things as "apparitions" of people who are still living. People can also leave their bodies during "OBE's". So there are lots of variations, and the dividing line between the "quick and the dead" turns out not to be as hard-and-fast as we are taught to think it is.

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