I am sorry, when i wrote about my dream i was very tired and i forgot to ask the question. I am just curious if it sounds like the start of a past life regression or something else entirely. What do you think?


I'm sorry back; I answered your question, but the original response seems to have disappeared. I hope this one makes it!

A dream is not enough of a sign that you are picking up past life recall. The dream could be symbolic of something going on within your mind, or it could be a moment of "walking in someone else's shoes" that is shared through the collective unconscious, via your dream. If you have other indications that point to the kind of life you dreamed of - interests, thoughts, attractions, the like - then the dream might be past life related. But, I have to say, that of all the dreams I have had that pointed the way to past life recall, none of them showed me scenes from the actual past lives; the information came to me by dream symbolism. When I dream of being someone else in another time, though the dreams can seem very realistic, I have never felt it was actually me. For some reason, I was drawn into a story that was being told to me.

In any case: keep a journal of your dreams, and any ideas of past life recall. Don't try to make sense of what you dream or think, not in the beginning: just gather bits of things that come to you. Just keeping the journal will make your brain aware that you want past life information, and it will start feeding more to you. Be patient;  just let thoughts and dreams flow. One day a key piece of information should fall into place, and you'll discover the past life you're looking for...



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