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Reincarnation/Can a mistake happen?


When I was young (around kindergarten age) a certain Bugs Bunny cartoon really struck a cord with me.  It was one where a human baby and a martian baby are flying through space to be born.  Somehow they got mixed up with the human being born on Mars and the martian being born on Earth.  My reaction was like "Wow, that must be what happened to me!".  Also, while still very young, I was utterly amazed to find that I was not adopted.  I simply knew that I could not be related by blood to the people claiming to be my parents.  I am now 39 years old and haunted more than ever with the feeling that I must be separated from the others that are like me.  Everything that I have learned about religion/politics/ and philosophy greatly heightens the feeling that I should not be here.  If I was supposed to be human then the rest of the human race has traveled very far from any path that I would understand.

My question is this:  Can mistakes of some kind happen when a person incarnates??

I was also intrigued by your mention of drawing out past lives without regression since I apparently cannot be hypnotized.

Thank you for your time.....

Hi Tod,
I would not say "mistakes" happen, but souls can be placed in families and/or situations that are "alien" to them as individual souls for various reasons. For instance I am Jewish but was born into a Gentile family so I would struggle my way back into the Covenant through past experiences. Like you, I have nothing in common with my birth family and was driven to understand.

People differ in their views on such things. I accept that life exists elsewhere in the multi-verse, I have no doubts about that, however personally I believe souls take birth on the same planet for consistency of their tikun (soul corrections). While I would never tell someone they have not lived elsewhere, its not something to which I personally subscribe. The possibilities are limitless.

From my experience, formal regression often brings about questionable material and distracts one from discovery. Some people love it, that's great for them, but I believe that through intentional spiritual work much can be revealed without the interference of others. I also believe that for most people such information is not needed. Souls need to correct from where they now are. In most cases the past is an unnecessary burden on their progress. In cases where the past bleeds into the present causing difficulties etc. it must be dealt with. This is not something desirable. It is "unfinished dirty business" in most cases that should have been left behind.

Feel free to write back if you wish,

~ Shlomo


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I invite your questions about reincarnation, especially from a religious perspective. What the various religions teach on this subject, possible religious significances of past life memories and so on. How does reincarnation, transmigration and the laws of karma, dharma and marga work. Understanding the biblical gilgul neshamot (the cyclical rolling of souls) as accepted by many Jews. Methods of drawing out your past life memories without resorting to regression therapies that can be misdirections. Sometimes what we need most is someone who will believe us and who will listen as we process. I'm all ears. You can share with me.


Since 1969 I've had a recurring dream/memory of my past life that has been confirmed to my satisfaction. This has led me to explore this topic on my own, with fellow seekers, with teachers of various traditions East and West, and at university. My past life experiences have lead me to formally convert to Judaism, the religion of my past life. I am absolutely convinced that reincarnation is part of God's plan for global restitution and tikun (soul correction).

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