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Hi Stephen, I have been reading claims on various websites from various women all claiming to have been Anne Boleyn in a past life. Anne Boleyn is known to have been a highly intelligent woman whereas some of the women claiming to have been her don't seem to me to have anything like the level of intellect that I would expect from Anne. I had always thought reincarnation was about progression. Could someone be highly intelligent in a previous life but much less intelligent in a later life? Or is this not really relevant to the progression of a soul? Many thanks.

Hi Liz,

This is an interesting question. Actually I have a theory about a past life for Anne Boleyn myself, and if I'm right about it, they're all wrong! But I have no evidence whatsoever and so don't mention this in my work.

To answer your general question, which is a good one, my understanding--which I don't claim to be definitive--is that reincarnation works very much like a scientific experiment. For the purpose of gaining wisdom, one or two variables are swapped, generally to the opposite pole, in a dichotomy. Everything else stays more or less the same, subjectively, in context. The person continues to look about 85% the same, their situation is similar, their talents are similar. Only these one or two variables are made opposite, and this is for the purpose of learning, just as in scientific experiments.

For example, let's suppose a couple has lots of money. The husband has gotten his wife by rescuing her from poverty. Does she love him, or is she using him? Well, next life you swap out the one variable of wealth. Now, when they come together again, they will be initially drawn to each other, but she will stay only if she loves him. If she actually only loved the circumstances he provided her with, she will leave. And he gains wisdom.

So, to answer your question, the reincarnation of Anne Boleyn *should* still be highly intelligent, *unless* intelligence is specifically one of the variables that's being swapped out for some reason of learning. (In that case, presumably, she might be mentally challenged, not just ordinary.)

Again, karma is an extremely complicated subject, and you can't get all of it into one model.

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