Reincarnation/past lives?


Is there a book or a method to discover if one has had past lives?
Myself, I tend to look down on those less fortunate in life. I have to mentally command myself to not judge others. If it wasnt for some good luck, I would not be as fortunate as I am now, mostly owing to a lovely lady that pursued my hand im marriage, when I was much slimmer and better looking!
I have mental images of myself being a person of some standing and being in a horse drawn coach in Europe, possibly minor royalty of a well off person.
Also, although I have no desire to travel there, I am fascinated by India and China and their cultures.
Thanks for your thoughts!


There is a book: Practical Guide to Past Life Memories by Richard Webster. I am not so sure you will have success with the techniques though. If you want a reliable technique find someone who does past life regression. It will help you make sense of your images and interests and bring your subconscious thoughts in alignment with your conscious thoughts.

Good luck! It's a stimulating, world expanding experience!

Laura Giles


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