Joe wrote at 2014-07-16 18:44:50
I am a firm believer of reincarnation because I have a proven reincarnation case in my family today. I have seen and touched so many cases in Lebanon where I was born and raised and it is beyond science and our mind to fully understand it.  Reincarnation is the only way for us to find some understanding how Karma really works in relation to our good and bad deeds and God's fairness in his creation.

Open up your mind and your heart and you will find the truth clear like a daylight.



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Stephen Sakellarios


I can answer questions about reincarnation (from both Eastern and Western perspectives) and life after death, and how these topics relate to religion and spirituality.


I produced a documentary entitled "In Another Life: Reincarnation in America" which aired on PBS station KBDI in Denver, CO, Jan. 2003
I have a masters in counseling from FSU, and over thirty years' study of Eastern mysticism from carefully selected sources, plus eight years' study of contemporary Western reincarnation studies. I've published nine related articles online and in print. I offer an online class on the subject and maintain an extensive educational website at, as well as giving talks and radio interviews (archived on the website).

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